Caucasus mountains, ancient churches and Celina on Georgian Military Road

In Georgia I went for a trip on Georgian Military Road.
My first stop was Ananuri with it's amazing castle complex placed by the Aragvi river with beautiful turquoise water. It was really amazing place, I love it!
At the end of my road I visited Tsminda Sameba, mountain sanctuary which is very famous as a symbol of Georgia. From there you can see Kazbegi mountain!

After the trip I visited also Tbilisi. The city is rather ok, but as you know I prefere outdoors and not so crowded places so I went to Uplistsikhe to visit ancient rock-hewn town.

Georgians are amazing people! They are very friendly and were very nice to me :-) In spite of that I don't speak georgian they helped me in every part of my georgian adventure!

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