Galicia, hehehe!!:)))

It was awesome time!! I traveled around this beutiful region, full of good and happy people, nice music and
delicious food! I felt in love with one place - it'a a Playa de los Catedrales (Cathedrals' Beach). It's a fantastic place!


Camino de Santiago

This trip I'll always remember. I decided to come to Spain, to go Way of St. James (almost 800 km!!!!!). It's an old pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, to the cathedral. I was walking and walking for a long time, but it was really amazing time! Sometimes it was hard, but everything what I saw, was worth it, definitely!. At the end I decided to stay in Galicia some time. Now I'm travelling around and enjoying the amazing ocean coast.


Crimea - I'm loving it!

I've always wanted to visit Crimea. Finally I did it!! I visited some beautiful places, and of course superb Swallow's Nest. I really enjoyed it!!!



Hmmmm :) Greek Islands.... I spent great time there! Sunbathing, swimming, relax on the beautiful beaches... I met some nice people.
I visited Kos, Nisiros (I love this island!), Folegandros and Santorini (with beautiful, famous churches). Greece is awesome :))


To the coast

Some pics from Bodrum - wonderful Turkish coastal town.
The last photo - I came to Bodrum hitchhiking. It was great! I met awesome  people! I love Turkey.


Water, water everywhere

My next stop in Turkey were in Pamukkale! It's one of the most famous places  in Turkey thanks to fantastic travertines - terraces of minerals left by the  flowing water.
Weather here is fantastic, it's warm and sunny. Refreshing baths in natural pools  made me feel wonderful! I'm sure that I will come here again one day :)