Celina on Machu Picchu

Is there anyone who hasn't heared about Machu Picchu??? I don't think so...;) It's a huge 15th-century Inca site. It's something amazing to see such a big, famous and important place. I spent there all day but I really would like to have more time ;)
I add also one pic from Cuzco.


On the road

It's not so easy to get to Machu Picchu! I came there by buses and some taxis and some part I did by food. It's longer but then you can see some other intresting places! First - the green one - this is Inca's 15th-century laboratory and the second one is place from where people (already hundrets years ago) get salt. I really like it!


Celina is visiting Titicaca Lake

Oh, how big is this lake!! And it's located on very high altitude as well. It's on the border of two countries: Peru and Bolivia. On the lake there are some nice islands where you can spend some calm time with this culture (it's really easy to reach them). The most famous islands are Uros. Here, Uros Indians are still living on the floating tiny islands.


Celina in La Paz

La Paz it's the highest capital on the world (from 3600 to 4200 m) and it's sometimes very hard to walk there;)
It's really big city...


Celina and Bolivian Altiplano

Nerby the Salar de Uyuni there is a National Park. They take care of lanscape which is really amazing!! We are almost at 4500 m and above here are volcanos, still with fumarole. There are beautiful rock formations. There are brilliant colours lagoons with hundrets of pink flamingos. There are hot springs and much more!! You have to be there!!!!!