Celina is ascending pics

I spent some awesome days in Cordillera Blanca. I went to the mountains, espacially to see two beautiful lakes somewhere between peaks. Both (Laguna 69 and Laguna Churup) are wonderful!! With their amazing blue colour, with this clear air... I could stay there all my life!!!


Fun on the Atacama Desert

Although Atacama desert isn't a sandy one in general, there is one place with pretty big sand dunes and amazing oasis :D


Celina and mysterious Nazca Lines

Today only one picture...:)

Unfortunately, I didn't buy a fligt tour, but I found a tower from where I could watch some of the figures.


Colca Canyon

Canyon of the Colca River is so deep! It is more than two times deeper than the Grand Canyon!! I went down, and yeah... it was hard. I decided to go up in the same day... But I reached the bottom and that's the most important!!