Celina and city on the water

Who hasn't heared about canals with turquoise water reflaxing sun, about narrow, lovely streets, about smiling people and the voice calling: "gondolas, gondolas" :) who hasn't heared about that beautiful place, about Venice?? Even the name of the city sounds like magic! :) I spent here only few days but I really love it!!

St. Marco square


Celina in the smallest independent state in the world

Of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to visit Vatican City! :) It's very important place for catholic people, I even saw the Pope!!! :)
Besides it's very significant place for every art lover. I've also visited Vatican museums and impressive Sistine Chapel with ceiling painted by Michelangelo.


Celina and fabulous Rome

I started my BIG-WONDERFUL-AWAITED trip around Europe!! :) Of course I started in Rome, so important historical place. There is so many places to visit and I wanted to see all of them ;) There are two parts of Rome: ancient with famous Colosseum and other part with many famous squares and fountains: Trevi Fountain (do you remember La Dolce Vita movie???), the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world and Spanish Steps in Spanich Square (Piazza di Spagna).

The Pantheon