...The mighty jungle...

Oh, what an amazing place! Although without lion who sleeps tonight, hehe;) Hundreds of plants, everywhere. Hundreds of animals not only on the ground but also on the sky. Hundreds of sounds from every side. Amazing time!!



In Paraty, nice and quiet place on the Atlantic coast, I tasted churro with chocolate - fried and sweet snack. I love it!!:)
You can try churros in Spain as well!


Isn't it the most beautiful city in the world?

Yeeees, I was in Rio de Janeiro. People says that Rio is one of the most pretty place in the world!! I was there only two days so I think I can't confirm that. I climbed on the Corcovado Christ's hill, and one thing I'm definitely sure - there is such an awesome view of the city!!!


Brazilian Coast

I'm in Brazil!!
I spent two days in Recife - it's very big city!! It's a bit dangerous, the city, but it has amazing beaches! I was sunbathing some time, and I tried delicious coco juice.
Nearby, there is an Olinda, really nice place with plenty of colorful houses and smiling people.