Salar de Uyuni

It's the largest salt flat in the world. In some point a salt layer has even hundret meters!! In some area there is salt extraction, so everyone can see how people work with that.
Everything is so huge, so white and so flat! It's really AWESOME felling to be there!


Pleasant whinny

Tupiza is a perfect place! Me and nature, nature and me. And horses. I spend among this amazing scenery some great days.
I felt like in some movie. And I've never seen before such a great cactuses!!


The highest or not the highest?

In Cochabamba there is a statute of Christ, like this famous one in Rio. The caption under the statue say that this in Cochabamba is the highest one in the world... But I know that the biggest one is somewhere in Poland... And I just read that the highest one is in Lima... Oh, it's so complicated... ;)
Anyway, Cochabamba is a nice city ;)


Incas' ruins

Not far from Santa Cruz there is a small village called Samaipata. Probably you don't know that place but there are some ruins of Inca empire! I spend nice day there: very quiet and calm place. 


Unexpected meeting

I'm in Bolivia now, in Santa Cruz, I've met here with some friends. Take care Woody! I hope we'll meet again soon!


Different drinks

There are some of my favourite drinks here. Yum! I like the most that one with guarana! Delicious!


One of the wonders of the world

OMG!! What Can I say...? Iguazu falls are AMAZING!! They are so huge! Really big area with small and enormous falls. They are higer than famous Niagara Falls. What you feel when you're staying, watching falls and listening to the sounds of the nature are incredible!
You can see the falls from two sigts: argentinian and brazilian. Both are great and it's really worth to see them and feel that!