Celina is admiring Iranian architecture and salt desert

What I liked the most is Isfahan with it's beautiful palaces and mosques. They are really impressive!.

One day I also spend outside the cities, visiting Maranjab desert. It's sandy desert but not fare from there there is a salt lake. I met workers there and could observe their hard work. Thanks guys!!!


Celina in the land of the best carpets ever

Of course, I'm relating to Iran - the capital of carpets, persian carpets.  
I had nice time there. The only problem was that it was horribly hot there, about 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day. And, what's more, I had to wear some special dress and scarf on my head, so I was intensifiting sensation of hot. 
Anyway, I met some new friends there (like always) and had fun! :)
Oh, I think more: I adore Iranian furniture!! It's so luxurious!!

Besides - it's very safe country!!


Celina is listening to muezzins' songs

What did I do in Turkey?? Like always - I was enjoying my time! Eating delicious food (awasome lahmacun!!), resting on the beach (or in some other sunny places ;)), visiting famous place (Istambul, my new love!!!) and, of course, meeting new, fantastic friends.


Celina and a little bit of rest

In Bulgaria I spend only few days, all resting on the beach, haha:) I didn't have a lot of time. My Big European-Asian trip is still not finished!! ;)


Celina is walking in the mountains

After visitnig beautiful towns, castles and monuments during my stay in Poland I wished to see sth different, a little bit of nature. so I spend some AWESOME days walking around polish and slovak Tatras.


Celina in main square of Poland

Finally I'm in Poland!! Warsaw, capital of Poland, is a nice city. Although the weather wasn't good, I had lovely time there!